What is the Most Popular Diamond Cut?

What is the Most Popular Diamond Cut?

Diamonds come in a beautiful array of shapes, each of which has its own appeal. The most popular diamond shape is round, which is loved for its high brilliance and classic style. Then, there are beloved fancy-shaped diamonds, like the elegant oval, the glamorous emerald cut, and the unique marquise. 

To help you find the right diamond shape for your style, JustDesi jewelry experts are sharing everything you should know about the 7 most popular diamond shapes. We’ll go over the style of each shape and any relevant pros and cons. Let’s begin our countdown with the most popular diamond cut: round.

  1. Round Cut

JustDesi 2 Total Carat Weight Lab Grown Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The round cut diamond reigns supreme as the most popular diamond shape for diamond engagement rings, diamond studs, and all other diamond jewelry. More than half of all diamonds sold today are round-cut diamonds. 

Round diamonds are popular because of their style and their sparkle. Round diamonds have a classic look, which appeals to a wide audience. They’re also the most brilliant diamond shape, so anyone who wants to maximize shimmer would be drawn to round diamonds. 

There’s a lot to love about round diamonds, but they have a drawback: their price point. Round diamonds are more expensive than other diamonds. This is partially due to their popularity, but also because they’re more expensive to create. Diamond cutters end up with more rough diamond waste when creating round cut stones, so the base cost of creating a round diamond is higher. Still, if you’re like many people, you may find it’s worth paying a bit more for this in-demand diamond shape’s timeless style and stunning sparkle. 

  1. Princess Cut 

JustDesi Round and Princess Cut Diamond Band in White Gold

Princess cut diamonds are a versatile option with a modern flair. The princess diamond has a square shape when viewed from above, giving it a sleek look that suits virtually every setting style. Because this square cut shape has a modified version of the round brilliant diamond’s faceting pattern, it also delivers plenty of shimmers. The princess diamond offers the best of both worlds for those who like bold shapes and tons of sparkle. 

An important thing to note about princess cut diamonds is that they have fragile tips. The tiny pointed ends of this diamond are quite thin, so it’s best to choose a setting that offers them protection. 

  1. Emerald Cut 

JustDesi Emerald Cut Double Band Ring in Yellow Gold

Featuring a geometric shape and elongated facets, the emerald cut diamond is a striking option with no shortage of glamour. The emerald cut, first used on the emerald gemstone, has a rectangular shape with cut corners. It also features long, linear facets that create a unique type of light reflection. Jewelers refer to this striking sparkle as a hall-of-mirrors effect. 

Emerald cut diamonds were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, so they have a vintage style. Yet, the emerald cut diamond is having a resurgence in popularity thanks to famous fans like Beyonce, who wears an emerald cut engagement ring. Our jewelry experts consider the emerald a timeless shape with vintage roots, but plenty of modern appeal. 

Something to keep in mind with emerald cut diamonds is the importance of diamond clarity, a grade that tells you how flawless a diamond is. Clarity is more important for step-cut shapes like emeralds since large open facets make it easier to spot inclusions inside a diamond. If you’re shopping for an emerald cut center stone, prioritize picking a diamond with a higher diamond clarity grade. 

  1. Oval Cut

JustDesi Oval Simple Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold

Oval cut diamonds are endlessly chic and beautifully brilliant. The oval cut diamond features a modified brilliant cut that offers tons of sparkle, while its elongated shape provides sophistication. 

If you’re shopping for an oval cut loose diamond, you should know about this shape’s bowtie effect. Due to a combination of their shape and faceting pattern, oval-cut diamonds can have a noticeably darkened area in the shape of a bowtie. In many cases, a bowtie does not compromise the beauty of the diamond, but it’s something to keep in mind whenever you’re buying an oval-cut diamond. 

  1. Marquise Cut 

JustDesi Angled Marquise Motif Stackable Band in Yellow Gold

Marquise cut diamonds have a unique shape and plenty of shimmer. The marquise cut diamond, which features a brilliant cut, has an elongated shape with curved sides and pointed tips. Legend says that this shape was born when King Louis XV of France told his court jewelers to make a diamond reminiscent of the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. 

Something to consider about marquise cut diamonds is their fragile tips. Like princess cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds have thin pointed ends that are more likely to chip than rounded edges. Prevent chipping by choosing marquise diamond jewelry with protective settings that cover the shape’s tips. 

  1. Pear Cut

JustDesi Lab Grown Pear Diamond Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Pear-cut diamonds have a round end and a pointed end, giving them a teardrop or pear-like shape. Pear cut diamonds date back to the 1400s, but today’s pear cut diamonds feature a modern brilliant cut. This makes the shape perfect for anyone who wants a vintage look, without sacrificing sparkle. 

Pear-shaped diamonds have two potential drawbacks. Like the oval-cut diamond, pear-cut diamonds can have the bowtie effect. Then, like princess cut and marquise cut diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds have a fragile pointed tip. When picking out pear diamond jewelry, keep the bowtie effect in mind and pick jewelry settings that protect your pear’s tip. 

  1. Baguette Cut

JustDesi Staggered Baguette Stackable Band in White Gold

Last but certainly not least, we have the baguette cut diamond. Baguette diamonds are always a top accent stone, but they’ve recently become a popular shape in their own right. Baguette diamonds are being used as center stones more than ever and are extremely popular in trending clustered designs. Offering lovely flashes of sparkle and an on-trend style, baguette cut diamonds are easy to love. 

Baguette-cut diamonds are step-cut stones with pointed corners. So, like with emerald cut diamonds, you want to prioritize clarity due to the baguette-cut diamond’s open facets. And as with marquise, pear, and princess cut diamonds, you’ll want to choose a setting that protects your baguette cut diamonds’ corners. 


But as always, if you have questions about which diamond cut you should choose, don’t hesitate to ask our experts at JustDesi.  We’re here to help explain further and make the process of picking your dream diamond as easy as possible!

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