JustDesi by Desi and Justin Kraiem

JustDesi by Desi and Justin Kraiem


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Destined to disrupt the jewelry industry as we know it, a new and immersive luxury experience is set to take over Beverly Hills. Founded by sister-brother duo Desi and Justin Kraiem, JustDesi focuses on combining generations of industry knowledge with modern trends in fashion.

Their passion for diamonds began with their father, Moshe Kraiem, who captured the industry over 40 years ago. With  humble beginnings, selling diamonds door to door, Moshe and his father, Solly Kraiem, built a reputable wholesale jewelry empire called MK Diamonds. Their hard work changed the industry forever, and set a new standard for excellence within the industry. The name will always represent immaculate quality, expert craftsmanship, and above all, integrity. Desi and Justin are proud to uphold their father’s reputation, and continue to carry the family name into success.

JustDesi’s storefront, slated to open mid-November, welcomes a diverse clientele inside with its modern lines and timeless detail. This expansive space features designs from interior designer Adeet Madan and Miami-based Artco Group; from these united forces emerges a space that sweeps its customers into the whimsical elegance that is JustDesi. Because engagements are a focal point at JustDesi,  romance was a leading inspiration for the store’s design.

“Every component of the store was a product of my imagination,” says Desi Kraiem. “At the time, I was also planning my own wedding, so the design was very personal to me. The intention was to create a feeling of romance,” Kraiem says.

High ceilings, modern architectural detail, a neutral color palette with touches of gold, and organic textures compliment a 360-degree view of twinkling diamonds. The design intentionally and subtly invites shoppers to interact. A stunning backdrop of dried, preserved flowers greets customers, while the back of the space hosts an “open kitchen” workshop; here, clients can watch their pieces come to life while sipping on chilled champagne. Anyone who enters the store will leave with an enhanced appreciation for fine jewelry as an art.

“The entire goal was to create an immersive experience; a jewelry store that invites you to learn and understand the craft and meticulous detail that goes into creating that forever piece,” Kraiem says.

While the reputation of MK Diamonds backs JustDesi, so does the combined experience of this sister and brother duo. Before co-founding JustDesi, Desi graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and has made a name for herself in the fashion industry as a celebrity stylist. Internationally, she was a lead sales representative for Tal Kahlon Bridal Couture in Tel Aviv, and introduced the brand to the New York Bridal Fashion Week in 2015. Justin began his career working in the wholesale jewelry industry. Now, with 16 years of experience, he is widely known for his expert diamond knowledge and business acumen.

Together, Desi and Justin are not only living out their lifelong dream of running a business together, but changing the future of fine jewelry. By offering a variety of options for every lifestyle, budget, and personal style, JustDesi is filling a major gap in the industry while setting a new, high-polished gold standard.