Founder Bio



JustDesi is the brainchild of Justin and Desiree Kraiem, a dynamic brother and sister duo. Having grown up in a family within the industry, Justin and Desi have been exposed to the jewelry trade since childhood. Through the mentorship of their father and by observing the workings of their family business, Justin and Desi gained expert knowledge of the industry, learning how to provide the superior customer service, exceptional quality, and tailored personalization that’s needed to run a jewelry business that truly serves its customers.

Justin and Desi have been lifelong best friends and they have always known that they would one day venture into business together. Before creating JustDesi, Justin gained over a decade of business experience working in the wholesale jewelry industry, while Desi honed her artistic skills studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and working as a stylist alongside some of the most prominent celebrity stylists in Los Angeles. The pair made a lifelong
dream come true when they decided to found JustDesi, a fine jewelry brand that would utilize both of their strengths and fill a noticeable gap in the industry. JustDesi creates beautifully made fine jewelry, while also providing customers with the styling tools they need to make the most out of their purchases. When you shop at JustDesi, you’re not only promised beautiful and well made jewelry, but also the tools you need to make your jewelry truly your own.

Within the company, Justin runs our operations behind the scenes, working as the business mind of the brand. Desi is the creative visionary behind JustDesi, working as our designer, our head of marketing, and our expert stylist. Utilizing the passion, expertise, and innovation of our founders, JustDesi creates pieces that are fun, luxurious, fresh, and always paired to perfection.