All About Locket Necklaces

All About Locket Necklaces

Locket necklaces may be trending, but this meaningful jewelry style is far from new. Lockets are an ancient type of jewelry with origins that date back thousands of years. Discover more about this wonderfully customizable jewelry style as we go over everything you need to know about lockets. 

What is a Locket?

A locket is a type of pendant that opens and closes, allowing its owner to place things inside it. A locket could contain a portrait of a loved one, a charm, herbs, a written message, or any number of tiny, sentimental objects.  

History of the Locket Necklace 

Lockets are thought to be an evolution of amulets, which were an important part of many ancient cultures. Amulets are charms worn for a specific purpose, such as to attract good luck or ward off disease. Ancient amulets often had compartments that could be filled with things that the wearer believed had magical properties, like parchment with a specific message written on it.

The locket as we know it today first became widespread in the 1500s. In 16th century Europe, it was popular for both men and women to wear locket necklaces, brooches, and rings. People would place miniature portraits of loved ones or the king or queen inside their lockets. Lockets were also used to hold perfumed squares of fabric, herbs, medicine, and charms. 

In 17th century Europe, lockets started being worn as mourning jewelry. After King Charles I of England died in 1649, many of his supporters put his portrait inside their lockets. This sparked a trend of wearing lockets as mourning jewelry after the loss of a loved one.  

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Lockets were primarily associated with mourning for over a hundred years, but that changed during the Victorian Era (1820 to 1914). Queen Victoria wore a locket in memory of Prince Albert for many years after his passing. While she wore her locket as a symbol of mourning, it became a huge part of her style and sparked a fashion trend. 

Lockets peaked in popularity during the Victorian era, during which they were used to hold a huge range of objects. Some of the most popular things to place in lockets at that time include portraits, photographs, love notes, locks of hair, medicine, herbs, good luck charms, and paper’s with the wearer’s wish or prayer written on them. 

Today, lockets are primarily associated with love, making them a popular gift option. Locket necklaces are especially popular for Valentine’s Day gifts and birthday gifts. 

The Symbolism of Lockets

The symbolism of a locket will vary depending on what its owner places inside it. A portrait or photo locket can be a way of honoring a lost loved one, showing loyalty, holding a loved one close to your heart, or honoring a friendship. Written messages can express a huge range of meanings depending on the unique message. “I love you” is a popular option, as are prayers, poems, and quotes. 

The actual shape, design, and history of a locket can also express meaning. For example, a heart locket necklace expresses love. Lockets can be adorned with meaningful accents, like a monogram, a family crest, or a sentimental

silver-colored necklace with pendant engraving. In the case of vintage lockets, the history of a piece can add to its sentiment. For instance, an heirloom locket can commemorate a family history. 

Another thing that can change the meaning of a locket is how visible its contents are. Some lockets are made of completely opaque materials, such as solid gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, onyx, or mother of pearl. The contents of these lockets are known only to the wearer, so they may hold more private items. 

Transparent lockets, also sometimes called keepsake lockets, feature objects that the wearer wants other people to see. In the Victorian era, keepsake lockets often displayed locks of hair. Today, pictures, dried flower petals, and charms are popular choices for keepsake lockets. 

Creating a Locket Necklace 

Creating a Locket Necklace

The best part of locket necklaces is how easy they are to personalize. The JustDesi locket creator allows you to customize every element of your locket, including its shape, precious metal, chain length, and contents. With just a few clicks, you can create a custom piece of fine jewelry filled with charms that express a unique meaning. 

Choose Your Locket

 Choose Your Locket

Start by selecting your diamond locket shape and precious metal. Choose from oval, pear, round, rectangular, and heart shaped lockets. Your locket can be made in your choice of yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. 

Choose Your Charms 

 Choose Your Charms

Once you’ve picked out your locket, it’s time to personalize it with charms. Your options include: 

  • Alphabet Charms: Diamond set letter charms from A to Z. 
  • Roman Numeral Charms: Diamond set roman numerals from I to X. 
  • Zodiac Charms: Diamond set star sign symbols. 
  • Birthstone Charms: Twelve gemstones, including pearl, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, diamond, citrine, emerald, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, and blue tanzanite. 
  • Symbol Charms: An assortment of playful and meaningful charms set with diamond accents. Your symbol options include the hamsa, the evil eye, palm trees, crowns, stars, ice cream, musical notes, and much more. 

There are so many ways to use charms to add meaning to a locket. Birthstones are a lovely way to represent special people, like the wearer’s children or longtime friends. Letter charms can be used to represent people and places, and express messages. Symbol charms can pack a punch in meaning or be used to add a playful element to a locket. 

Choose Your Chain 

Choose Your Chain

Complete your personalized locket necklace by choosing your desired chain length and precious metal. 

Create Your Custom Locket at JustDesi

A custom charm locket necklace is the perfect jewelry gift. Click the link below and start creating a custom locket for yourself or a loved one. 


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