How To Transition Your Summer Jewelry Into Fall

How To Transition Your Summer Jewelry Into Fall

The easiest way to transition your summer jewelry into fall is to take note of which jewelry trends have carried forward into the new season. If you know which of your go-to favorites are still in style, you can confidently use them to accessorize any fall look.

Fortunately for anyone who picked up a lot of trendy jewelry over the summer, this year’s crop of fall jewelry trends features plenty of carryovers. To help you decide which summer jewelry styles you want to keep wearing as the leaves change, we’ve picked out eight top summer jewelry trends that are just as on-trend for fall. Featured fine jewelry designed by

Chunky Chains 

Chunky chain links aren’t going anywhere. On the contrary, chunky chains are popping up in more accessory categories than ever this fall. In addition to seeing chunky chain necklaces and bracelets, we’re also seeing this jewelry trend used in statement earrings, anklets, bags, headbands, belts, and rings. So, whether you want to make sure the beautiful gold chain choker you rocked all summer gets good use or you want to pick up a new chain link piece, you can rest assured that a chunky chain is a welcome addition to your fall wardrobe. 

Bracelet Stacks 

The latest addition to the ongoing jewelry layering trend is the bracelet stack. Like other types of jewelry layering, bracelet stacking is always fun. When you stack your bracelets, you don’t have to choose just one bracelet to accent your look— you can play around with mixing, matching, and wearing them all. It’s called an arm party for good reason. 

If you enjoyed creating custom bracelet stacks over the summer, you don’t have to stop the party for fall. Bracelet stacks are very much still in fashion. And, in fact, some of last season’s most summery bracelet styles are still on trend for fall. While fall’s color palette is usually more about neutrals and muted colors, this fall’s fashion trends heavily favor bright, saturated colors. This means that trendy summer styles like enamel bangles and colorful beaded bracelets are a welcome addition to a fall 2021 bracelet stack.


There’s no questioning the fact that yellow gold has been dominating the fine jewelry scene for quite some time now. But this past spring, silver jewelry finally started coming back into the mix in a major way. Sterling silver, white gold, and platinum jewelry make a comeback splash in the fashion arena, appearing on chains, statement rings, and plenty of jewelry staples. 

Silver jewelry has never truly gone out of fashion (especially for people with cool skin undertones), but silver fans who love to stay up with the latest accessorizing trends can rest easy. Silver jewelry was all over fall runways. Silver jewelry was an especially popular choice alongside the season’s more minimalist fashion trends, like cutouts and tailored clothing. 


Pearl jewelry is always elegant and chic, but it once had a reputation for being a bit dated. But this past summer, that reputation became a thing of the past as pearls—and pearl necklaces, specifically—became one of the hottest jewelry trends. Pearl gemstones were everywhere this summer, including on the necks of celebrities like Harry Styles and Bella Hadid, and absolutely all over TikTok. 

If you have pearl pieces you love in your jewelry collection, make sure to keep them in rotation this fall. Even more types of pearl jewelry are in style this season. Some of the more popular pearl styles for fall include pieces with mini pearls, pearl rings, pearl chokers, opera-length pearl necklaces, and pandemic-ready pearl mask chains. 


Unique, kitschy, and playful: that sums up the summer’s charm jewelry trend, which is going strong into fall. Charms have become a popular addition to everything from hoop earrings to anklets. And, of course, they’re always a welcome addition to pendant necklaces. All types of charms are trending this fall, so feel free to personalize your fall style with your favorites. If you’re looking to pick up something hot and new, consider popular charm options like medallion charms, zodiac charms, and animal charms. 

Statement Earrings 

Extra glam statement earrings were big for summer and they’re just as en vogue for fall. The season’s top trending statement earring styles include sparkly crystal earrings, luxe pearl drop earrings, fringe earrings, oversized chain link hoops, and brightly colored hoops. Go big, go bold, go bright, and go sparkly this fall. You’ll be the life of the party.

Mismatched Earrings 

Another top earring trend for fall is more about how you style your earrings than which jewelry pieces you choose. Mismatched earrings, also a prominent summer trend, are huge for both fall and winter. 

One of the best things about the mismatched earring trend is that you don’t need to buy any new jewelry to try the trend. You can simply mix and match your earring collection to your heart’s content. You can also try adding an element to one half of a set of earrings to create a slightly mismatched, asymmetrical look. For example, you could slip a charm on one hoop earring to create a custom set of asymmetrical earrings. 

Statement Rings 

Statement earrings aren’t the only statement-making trend that’s carrying over from summer into fall. Statement rings are also here to help you stand out from the crowd.

One thing that’s different about the summer’s statement ring trend versus fall’s comes down to styling. In summer, it was popular to wear just one or two statement rings. But in fall, it’s more about wearing as many statement rings as you can comfortably rock on your fingers. You can stack them on one finger or spread them across all ten digits, but adding more bold rings to your jewelry look is a must for fall.