What the Stars Say About Scorpio Season

What the Stars Say About Scorpio Season

Scorpios are known for their fire and passion, so it’s fitting that Scorpio season 2020 will be a period of intense emotion. We’ve moved out of the more social, lighthearted Libra season and are now in a period of introspection, deep personal connection, and big ups and downs-- all of which could lead to some very exciting changes for those who play their cards right. 

Wondering what this intense astrological season means for you? Let’s dive into what Scorpio season 2020 has in store for Scorpios and the rest of the zodiac signs. As we transcribe the messages in the stars, we’ll also give some recommendations for which jewelry pieces will help your zodiac sign shine the most during this fiery season. 

A Transformative Season 

This year, Scorpio season will be incredibly transformative. Scorpio season is always a time that’s ripe for transformation, as Scorpio is a fluid water sign that delves deep into life’s mysteries, refusing simple answers. On top of that, both Mercury and Mars retrograde will end during Scorpio season this year, which will increase the potential for new beginnings and shed light on issues that were once hidden. 

The stars align to make this Scorpio season one of deep introspection, a season that will be devoted to finding truths, uncovering secrets, and facing issues. Those that do embrace the season’s raw emotional realness head on are in for something wonderful. Confidence can increase, passion can spark, and personal growth can abound in this emotionally charged season.

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If you want to embrace the electric fluidity of the season in both your spirit and your look, we suggest some sporting some sensual and beautifully draped jewelry pieces, like the high quality diamond y-necklace featured above.

Alternatively, those that ignore the fact that this Scorpio season demands truth and change may face more negative types of intense emotion. Jealousy, obsession, power struggles, and pettiness can sneak into your life this fall if you try to ignore your underlying issues. Try your hardest to keep your mind and heart open to truth and passion this Scorpio season, so you can reap the rewards made possible by the stars. 


Piety Evil Eye Necklace

Piety Evil Eye Necklace


If you do find yourself struggling during this tumultuous season, remember that an evil eye necklace that guards against negative energy is never a bad idea. Consider it a chic helping hand that will make this Scorpio season less of a bumpy ride. 

Cardinal vs. Mutable vs. Fixed Signs Horoscopes for Scorpio Season 2020

Some signs are all about change. Cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) thrive on beginnings and fresh starts, so these signs should very much enjoy Scorpio season once we’re out of Mercury retrograde after November 13. Mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini) are also likely to love this Scorpio season. Ultra flexible mutable signs are fantastic at accepting change and moving forward, so they’re very likely to be in their element this season. 

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If you’re among these change loving signs, you may enjoy a day-to-night jewelry style that can quite literally change, such as the diamond gemstone piece featured above, which can transform from studs to ear jackets in a snap.

Other signs-- namely, the fixed astrological signs-- don’t love change. At least, not the intense kind of foundational change we’ll have this Scorpio season. Scorpio itself is actually a fixed sign, but Scorpio is also a water sign, making it much more fluid than the other fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. 

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Fixed signs don’t need to despair this Scorpio season, however, because the season will be exactly what you make of it. If you’re a fixed sign who can look at your past honestly, learn from your mistakes, and use what you learn to move forward, you will also thrive during this electric, exciting season. If you feel too stiff, stifled, or stubborn, just try to check yourself. Focus on positivity, fostering true connections with loved ones, and keeping your mind open to new possibilities. And if you think you’ll need an external positive energy boost, again, an evil eye charm necklace or bracelet may just be your best friend this season. 

Scorpio Zodiac Spotlight: What Scorpios Can Expect From Scorpio Season 2020

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This Scorpio season is ripe with excitement and possibility for Scorpios. The season may feel like it starts out slow to Scorpio, a passionate and bold star sign that craves excitement. That’s because Mercury retrograde will be keeping things stagnant until November 3. However, once it ends, things will really start to liven up for the scorpion sign. And when Mars retrograde ends on November 13, Scorpios will be fully free of energetic blocks, allowing them to grow, change, play, connect, and just generally thrive for the rest of the year. 

So, Scorpio, remember that your season is your time. Live your life the way you want to and focus your personalized attention on what you want to make grow. Your enviable drive is now unhindered. If you pinpoint what you want and work hard towards getting it, you’re going to succeed and shine. 

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As far as the ideal fashion jewelry design for Scorpios during their season, we’d say that anything boldly beautiful is a perfect match. We particularly love dazzling draped diamond pieces for Scorpios this fall, since their vibrant and fluid look is a perfect match for the energy of this electric season of the zodiac. However, many other eye-catching options can also help Scorpios enhance their shine this season, including one of our favorite trending styles: diamond and yellow gold hoops.