Your Cancer Season Jewelry Horoscope

Your Cancer Season Jewelry Horoscope

From June 20th to July 22nd, the sun moves through the Cancer zodiac and brings a major shift in astrological energy. Cancer season 2021 is set to be a wonderfully calm, positive, and loving season, which should come as welcome news to anyone who felt the weight of the intense Gemini season we just went through. Thanks to two powerful eclipses and Mercury retrograde, this past Gemini season was chaotic for almost every star sign. But, thankfully, the stars are now aligned to create a much more stable and gentle energy during the season of the sensitive, nurturing crab.

If you’re wondering what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this Cancer season, read on. Below, we’re giving an overview of the overall energy of Cancer season 2021, then sharing each sign’s Cancer season 2021 horoscope, complete with jewelry pairings that will help you harness the energy of the season in style. 

Cancer Season 2021 Overview

Strong Feelings & Positive Vibes 


Cancer sign earring 

Cancer Star Sign Stud

Cancer season always starts with the first day of summer, kicking off a season of sunshine, positivity, and new beginnings. The start of this year’s Cancer season is particularly powerful, since Mercury retrograde ends just two days into the season. This opens up our ability to communicate effectively and start new relationships. This makes Cancer season 2021 an ideal time to strengthen friendships, reconnect with loved ones you’ve fallen out of touch with, start new romances, and reignite passion in long-term relationships. 

While now is an excellent time to build relationships with others, don’t forget to also focus on caring for yourself. Because this season is ruled by the highly emotional Cancer, the cardinal water sign of the zodiac, you’re likely to feel more sensitive and intuitive. Be sure to honor the emotions you’re feeling this season and use this time of introspection to take stock of your life. If you notice that something no longer serves you, consider decluttering it. If you feel that something in your life is lacking, think about the steps you can take to have more of it. If you find that something sparks passion and inspiration in you, embrace it wholeheartedly.


March 21 - April 19

For the always ambitious and self-starting Aries, this season offers a much-needed chance to recharge. Think of this month as a nesting season during which you should care for yourself and your home. It’s time to rest, heal, meditate, and remove any unnecessary chaos from your space. 


baguette stackable band

Baguette Stackable Band in Yellow Gold 

For your Cancer season jewelry, keep things simple yet special. A unique stackable ring is an ideal option for Aries this month. A stackable ring will add a pretty touch to cozy loungewear now, then also get plenty of use when you’re ready to take on the world next month. 


April 20 - May 20

Cancer season is a prime time for you to socialize, Taurus. The energy of the season will help you make plans more easily and keep your conversations flowing. Now is the time for you to reconnect with friends or family members, or to start a new romance. So, put yourself out there and make sure to harness the positivity and blessings of the season. 


Diamond hoops

Diamond Split J Hoops in Yellow Gold 

During this super social month, have fun with your jewelry, but keep things easy-breezy. A striking pair of huggie hoop earrings is a great, easy-to-wear choice that will add an eye-catching touch to any look. 


May 21 - June 20

This season, the stars are pushing you toward creating stability in your life, Gemini. You always crave variety, new ideas, and excitement, but now is the time to focus on what you want in your life long-term. Think about what you value most and work on making that the best it can be. Creating a solid foundation will ultimately give you more freedom to experiment in the future, since you’ll always have something stable to come back to. 


diamond stud earrings

Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings in White Gold 

If you’re thinking of adding something new to your jewelry collection this season, invest in a high quality basic. A classic piece of jewelry, like a pair of diamond studs, is a time-tested option that you can wear for decades to come. Whether worn alone or mixed and matched with new trendy styles, classic jewelry is something you’ll get to enjoy wearing again and again. 


June 21 - July 22 

It’s your time to shine, Cancer. While you tend to focus on others more than yourself, now’s the time for you to take the spotlight and put your needs first. Think about what you want, realign your focus, and be your most authentic self. Harness the strong positive energy of your birthday season and make your dreams happen. If you want to start something new— whether it’s a project, a job, a relationship— the time is now. 


diamond chain necklace

Diamond and Pearl Fringe Necklace in White Gold 

For your jewelry this season, embrace the emblems of your zodiac sign. Your colors are white and silver, so consider donning pearls, white gold, or sterling silver to amplify your Cancerian energy. (Pearls are a particularly good choice for June babies, since the pearl gemstone is June’s birthstone.) A delicate diamond and pearl chain necklace is a classic staple that’s worth adding to your collection this season. 


July 23 - August 22

Summer is your season, Leo, but you may find yourself feeling a bit drained in the month leading up to your birthday. When the sun is in Cancer, your emotions can feel more intense than usual. If that leaves you feeling moody or low-energy, set aside time for introspection and self-care. Check in with your emotions and your spirituality, and take time to provide yourself with the rest and care you need. It’s a good idea to recharge your batteries now so you can fully enjoy Leo season once it’s upon us on July 23rd. 


diamond ohm stud earrings

One With the Universe Ohm Studs in Yellow Gold 

Now is not the time for adding any negativity into your life, so make sure any new jewelry additions spark joy and bring good energy. A lovely option for Leo this month is this pair of studs featuring the symbol for ohm, the sound of the universe that embodies liberation, creation, and preservation. 


August 23 - September 22

Virgos can sometimes be more in their heads than in their hearts, but that won’t be a problem for you this season. With the sun in Cancer, you’ll feel more connected to your emotions, as well as to the emotions of your loved ones. You’ll also feel particularly grounded and comfortable, making now a great time to socialize and have fun bonding with the people you love.   


v-shaped diamond stud earring 

Letter V Stud in Yellow Gold

Embrace sentimentality this season and choose to wear personalized jewelry. Opt for a delicate letter stud with your initial or the initial of a loved one, or spell out a message using multiple letters to create a charm necklace. Or, choose to amplify your energy with some celestial jewelry, like a stud that features the Virgo zodiac symbol


September 23 - October 22

Your professional power is at a peak this month, but you need to make sure you use your power wisely. Enjoy getting positive attention for your talent and skills at work, but be careful not to let any recently-earned power go to your head. Stay focused on your natural inclination to be fair-mined, gracious, and cooperative. If you remain true to yourself, your upward trajectory will receive a boost. 


rose gold evil eye necklace 

Piety Evil Eye Necklace in Rose Gold

For your jewelry this season, consider wearing something that will help you ward off negative energy. A delicate evil eye pendant necklace is subtle enough to wear day-to-day, yet still offers plenty of protection.  


October 23 - November 21

The optimistic energy of Cancer season has you ready to take on a new challenge. Lean into your desire to gain new experiences and knowledge, and step outside of your comfort zone. Whether you want to take a class, try a new hobby, or safely travel to an intriguing new destination, let your heart be your guide. 


gold snake earrings 

Organic Pave Diamond Snake Earrings in Yellow Gold

Keep your jewelry choices as bold as your spirit this season. We love these abstract snake earrings for adding an striking element to an ensemble. Snakes symbolize transformation, wisdom, and strength, so they’re also a fitting mascot for someone who’s embarking on new beginnings. 


November 22 - December 21

With the sun in Cancer and your eighth house, this season presents a valuable opportunity to heal fractured relationships and create deep bonds. This month, be honest and open with your loved ones and clear the air of secrets, resentment, or unease. If you’re nervous about speaking with someone, reflect on your feelings carefully before talking to them and approach your conversations with lightness and compassion. 


rose gold evil eye moonstone bracelet 

Moonstone Evil Eye Bracelet in Rose Gold

To attract positive energy and repel negative energy this season, choose this moonstone evil eye bracelet. Moonstone is thought to soothe distress, enhance intuition, and promote good fortune, making it an excellent stone for someone who needs spiritual support during hard conversations. 


December 22 - January 19

The sun in Cancer is stimulating your affectionate and nurturing side, Capricorn. Lean into your emotions and let yourself feel compassionate, sensitive, open, and comfortable. By being attentive to the needs of others, you’ll become more open to receiving love and affection yourself, which will strengthen all your relationships. Now is an ideal time to start a new romance, connect with your best friends, or start new friendships. 


diamond stud earrings 

Baguette Diamond Drop Studs 

Capricorns tend to want to invest in high quality jewelry, but remember to be open to more than just the basics. A finely made, yet romantic piece of jewelry will stand the test of time, while also helping you have more fun now. A delicate, elegant, and flirty option we love for Capricorn this season is this charming pair of baguette diamond drop studs. 


January 20 - February 18

This season highlights your need to practice self-care. You have a tendency to put too much on your plate and at the expense of taking care of yourself, which has caused stress to pile up. Don’t ignore your emotions and don’t feel guilty if you need some extra rest right now. Take some much-needed time for yourself and recharge. You’ll want to feel refreshed as we head into Leo season, when you may have a packed social calendar. 


triple diamond stud earrings

Diamond Flora Studs in Yellow Gold

For your jewelry this Cancer zodiac season, treat yourself to something that will add sparkle to your everyday life. These delicate, floral-inspired diamond studs provide a natural brilliance that’s sure to brighten your day. 


February 19 - March 20

Gemini season was especially rough on you, Pisces, but you can finally breathe easy. As we head into July, your stress levels will drop and excitement will come your way. This excitement could come in the form of social invitations or summer romance. Have fun with whatever comes your way this month and embrace the start of a summer of love. 


rose gold Hai pendant

Piety Small Hai Pendant 

Stay ready for adventure this Cancer season by donning a sparkling necklace that features a Hai pendant. This symbol of celebrating life and living is the perfect accessory for your summer of excitement.