Your Libra Season Jewelry Horoscope

Your Libra Season Jewelry Horoscope

From September 22 to October 22, Libra season is upon us. The energy of Libra, the cardinal air sign, will bring much-needed lightness and fun after the earthy seriousness of Virgo season.  While Virgo season 2021 was all about practicality and organization, this year’s Libra season is set to be relaxed, free-spirited, and super social. Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month, causing communication issues as usual, but the balancing energy of the Scales will be here to help all signs weather the storm. 

Libra season brings new beginnings for every astrological sign, but each will experience its energy uniquely. If you’re ready to find out what Libra season has in store for you, read on. In this Libra Jewelry Horoscope, we’re giving an overview of the season, sharing each sign’s Libra season 2021 horoscope, and offering jewelry pairings for every sign.

Libra Season 2021 Overview

Freshness, Connection, and Balance

petite star necklacePetite Star Necklace

The third Mercury retrograde of 2021 lasts from September 27 to October 18, which means the Swift Planet will be in retrograde for almost all of Libra season. As always, Mercury retrograde will create disruption in areas under Mercury’s rule, such as communication, technology, and transportation. 

Yet, luckily, this particular Mercury retrograde may be easier than usual due to the other energies that will influence the season. First, there’s the wonderfully harmonious and balanced energy of Libra season itself, which can help you combat the chaos of Mercury retrograde. Then, three long retrogrades of outer planets will be ending during Libra season, each of which will provide a rush of positive energy. Transformative Pluto goes direct on October 6, determined Saturn goes direct on October 10, and travel-minded Jupiter goes direct on October 17. Altogether, these harmonious, forward-moving celestial events should help balance out some of the sluggish energy of Mercury retrograde. 

In general, Libra season 2021 is set to bring plenty of charm, freshness, and lightness your way. The first day of Libra season is also the first day of Autumn, making it ripe for new beginnings. Libra season offers an opportunity to relax, have fun, and start new adventures with optimism. The balanced sign of the Scales also provides the perfect energy for enhancing relationships, whether they’re romantic, friendly, or familial. Libra energy brings harmony, which can help you communicate more smoothly and feel more connected. 


March 21 - April 19

This month offers a golden opportunity for you to strengthen or create relationships. Mars, your ruling planet, will be in Libra for the entire season, lifting your assertiveness and optimism. The energy of the season will also give your communication and connection skills a helping hand, so you should feel ready for any conversation or social occasion. 

1.00 CT Channel Set Band 

A bold diamond ring, like this breathtaking channel set diamond band, is an ideal zodiac jewelry choice for Aries. It’s the best fashion accessory for your powerful and social mood, and it also features your zodiac constellation gemstone, the diamond. Wearing your sign’s gemstone is said to give your celestial energy a boost. If you’re an April-born Aries, wearing diamonds may also provide you with an added dose of luck, since diamond is the April birthstone.


April 20 - May 20

You’re hardworking by nature, Taurus, but have you been burning the candle at both ends? If you feel exhausted or uninspired, use this season’s energetic shift to readjust your mindset and routine. The season of the Scales is an optimal time to realign your work-life balance.

convertible diamond halo lariat 

This convertible necklace will help you look stylish no matter where you are in the work-play spectrum. When fully extended, this design appears to simply be a classic pendant necklace. Yet, it features a bolo closure that can be moved anywhere along the chain, allowing you to convert it into a lariat necklace with a custom length. Wear it as a pendant necklace when you want to look chic and classic, then convert it into a lariat when you’re ready to let your hair down and have more fun with your look. 


May 21 - June 20

This month, the stars are aligned to help you embrace your creative side, Gemini. The Sun is in your fifth house for virtually all of Libra season, charging up your sense of inspiration and playfulness. This position will also spark passion, making you feel more ambitious or more sensual. Whether you’re interested in indulging a new creative hobby or you’re more interested in having fun on a hot date, let yourself indulge in things that make you feel joyful. 

braided stackable band 

This stackable band, one of our bestsellers, will add more sparkle and sunshine to your season. Featuring a braided design and a curving line of pave diamonds, this ring perfectly mixes vintage and modern design elements. Since it has a low profile and is designed to be easily stacked with other pieces, this gold jewelry staple is super easy to style. Whether you want to enjoy wearing this ring alone or experiment with layering, this design is sure to shine.



June 21 - July 22 

All season long, the Sun will be in Libra and your fourth house, Cancer, making you want to focus on your home life. Fall has arrived— and so has your urge to nest. Now is the time to tend to your house and make it a home you love being in. Try out that home improvement project you’ve had on your mind or do that deep clean you never got around to this past spring. When you improve your environment, you’ll improve your mood and set yourself up for success in the new season. 

emerald diamond necklace 

You’re in a nesting mood, so now’s a great time to make sure you’re stocked up with jewelry staples. Go for a timeless diamond pendant necklace with a unique edge, like this beautiful emerald cut diamond option. This design features an emerald shaped bezel setting that calls attention to its unexpected center stone shape, giving it a striking quality that makes it feel extra special. 


July 23 - August 22

Libra season is bound to be a busy one for you, as the Sun will be lighting up your third house until October 23. Your work and home lives are going to be buzzing and, on top of that, you may find yourself feeling the urge to make new friends or start a new romance. Embrace the business of the season, as it could mark the start of an exciting new chapter at work or in your personal life. But remember not to overextend yourself, especially when it involves adding on things you don’t really want to do. It’s okay to politely decline optional invitations or requests. Leos tend to have a lot of energy and drive, but, at the end of the day, one person can only take on so much. 

The Perfect Huggie Hoop 

You need a piece that will help you look stylish wherever you go during this busy season. Enter the Perfect Huggie Hoop. With their just-right size and classic design, they’ll look at home no matter what you’re wearing. Crafted from diamonds and 14k gold, they’ll also stand the test of time, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new live-in favorite for decades to come. 


August 23 - September 22

You’ve got money on your mind this month, Virgo. This could see you taking on some extra work to pad out your savings or your shopping fund. Before you spend impulsively, however, remember that this season is all about balance. Find a balance between saving and spending, and avoid the urge to overindulge. 

petite lash line evil eye studs

Unique, luxe, and budget-friendly, these Evil Eye Studs are a superb choice for Virgo. Their whimsical design gives them a special quality that will add plenty of freshness to your jewelry collection. And while these studs are more affordable than most diamond studs, they’re still made of luxe materials that will stand the test of time. Featuring natural diamonds and pure 14k gold, these gleaming earrings won’t tarnish like a gold plated or gold filled piece would.  


September 23 - October 22

It’s your season, Libra, and it’s time for you to dive deep and embrace transformation. With the Sun in your first house of self, you’ll be feeling contemplative and ready for change. You may also experience a priority shift, leading you to discover that you no longer want something you once wanted desperately. 

What is it you seek now, Libra? The best birthday gift you can give yourself this year is the gift of self-reflection. Listen to yourself and honor whatever it is you’re dreaming of, whether it’s a makeover or a whole new career. 

Dangling Star Necklace 

Our pick for the Libra zodiac sign is this ethereal diamond and gold necklace. Featuring over a dozen glittering star charms, this design calls to mind a constellation necklace or Libra zodiac necklace. Yet, this necklace is subtle and delicate enough to be worn with any ensemble, allowing you to harness your celestial energy no matter where you’re headed. 

This dangling star necklace is available in rose gold and yellow gold, but we favor rose gold for a Libra necklace, since pink is your power color. Wearing your power color during your season can amplify your energy and help you soar toward the new beginning you’re longing for. 


October 23 - November 21

You tend to live life out loud, but you may be feeling more introspective than bold at the moment. In the last season before your own, you’ll feel a shift toward solitude and a desire to explore your inner world. Now is an ideal time for you to reconnect with what feeds your soul and boosts your sense of self-love. 

small rebirth snake studs

Embrace your season of renewal by donning our Rebirth Snake Studs. These studs feature two golden snakes, which symbolize transformation, rebirth, and healing. On top of being playful and stylish, these rebirth studs are a meaningful choice for your star sign.


November 22 - December 21

It’s prime time for you to be a social butterfly, Sagittarius. For you, Libra season is all about connecting with your friends, having fun, and feeling optimistic. Yet, with such a packed social calendar, you need to be more wary of Mercury retrograde than other signs. If you notice a spike in miscommunication or technology issues, handle them with positivity and patience. If you keep a clear head and an optimistic attitude, you’ll be back to enjoying a harmonious social life in no time. 

pave diamond circle necklace 

A sparkly pendant necklace will be your go-anywhere accessory this season. This lovely design features an open circle of diamonds and a delicate diamond set medallion accent. When worn alone, this diamond set open coin pendant will add a pretty touch to more casual looks. When layered with other necklaces, like chokers and chunky chains, this pendant design will add a dazzling and graphic element to a party look. 


December 22 - January 19

Your career center is lit up during Libra season, causing you to feel ambitious, motivated, and ready to take on a challenge. You’re shining right now, Capricorn, and your colleagues are taking notice. Don’t be discouraged by perceived career delays this season, which may be the result of sluggish Mercury retrograde. Keep your mind on your goals, let your work speak for itself, and remember to maintain your work-life balance. Your efforts will set you up for a successful, transformative Scorpio season. 

Bezel Stud Earrings 

These timelessly beautiful diamond stud earrings will help you feel elegant, professional, and put-together during this busy time in your career. Each of these diamond studs features a breathtaking round brilliant cut center diamond, enclosed within a modern and minimalist bezel setting. With their classic shape and spectacular brilliance, these studs are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. 


January 20 - February 18

You’re craving adventure and new experiences this season, Aquarius. With the Sun in your house of travel, you may be dreaming of exploring a far-off locale. You may also want to expand your horizons in other ways, such as by learning a new skill, connecting with people who inspire you, or going back to school. Embrace your desire to explore what the world has to offer this season, but make sure you plan carefully if you decide to go on a trip. Mercury retrograde has a tendency to cause travel debacles, so having a backup plan in place is always a good idea. 

Mini Evil Eye Necklace 

Protect your positive energy and forward momentum by choosing the Mini Evil Eye Necklace. This charm necklace features a beautiful evil eye pendant set with diamonds, blue sapphires, and a 1 carat turquoise gemstone. The evil eye is meant to protect the wearer from misfortune and shield them from the bad intentions of others. It also features the Aquarius power color, blue, making it a particularly good zodiac pendant choice for the Water Bearer. 


February 19 - March 20

You’re always emotionally sensitive and aware, Pisces, but your emotional accessibility will hit a peak during Libra season. The depth of your emotions is perfect for deepening your connections with the ones you love, so nurture the relationships you treasure this month. Your heightened emotions may also make you feel anxious right now, but try not to jump to conclusions. Take a step back and look for the truth. It’s likely that everything is fine. But if something is awry, this season of harmony and balance offers the right conditions for you to address it head on. 

pearl drop diamond huggies 

These pearl drop diamond huggie hoops are a wonderful choice for Pisces this season. Pearl gemstones are believed to promote wisdom, provide a calming effect, and help you feel more secure, all of which is much needed during this time of emotional intensity. And in addition to helping you feel more serene, these stylish studs should help you feel more chic, giving you a helpful confidence boost.