Fun And Creative Ways To Gift Jewelry by JustDesi

Fun And Creative Ways To Gift Jewelry by JustDesi

When it comes to gift-giving, there are few things that go down as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Whether you are searching for something for a loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a holiday celebration, a graduation or a date or special occasion that is simply unique to the two of you, something that comes in a jewelry box, especially a fancy jewelry box, always proves to be the perfect gift!

If you have been with someone for a long time, the chances are that you will have gifted them a number of jewelry pieces. Most likely for various occasions because jewelry is so versatile and so meaningful. You can never go wrong with a gift of jewelry, but in order to make sure that it is always an amazing experience, you need to come up with a few different ideas to keep the presentation fresh and creative.

With all of this in mind, here are some fun and interesting DIY ideas for how to present your jewelry gift in a really unique way. Thoughtful strategies that will impress your partner and keep them guessing year after year! We have even included some great suggestions for pieces that will work perfectly for each idea, handpicked by our expert stylists at JustDesi jewelers.

Organize A Scavenger Hunt

How many times have you greeted your partner on the morning of a celebration and presented them with a beautifully wrapped gift? There is no doubt that it is still a special gift way to present a gift. Tried and true for sure. However, another cool way to make it super fun and memorable is to organize a scavenger hunt!

Take some time to write out interesting clues on some good quality cardstock from a craft store and then hide the clues. Not too hard, but not too easy. It really depends on how much time you have and how patient you can both can be!  You’ll have just as much fun as your loved one as you follow them around the house watching them try to figure out where the treasure actually is! Shhhhhh! No hints unless absolutely necessary.

If you want to be even more creative and grand, then you can even leave a creative gift at each stage of the hunt to go along with each clue. It doesn’t have to be jewelry at every step -it could be something like a bouquet of flowers, a glass ornament or other keepsake, all leading up to the big reveal of a beautiful pair of earrings, bangles or pendant!

Perfect pieces for a scavenger hunt:

Baguette Stackable Band Ring 
Baguette Stackable Band Ring

Travel To A Special Location

If the gift of jewelry in question happens to be an engagement ring, then a proposal of marriage definitely deserves a fitting location to make the best memories possible!

Some people go to the Eiffel Tower, some people go to the Grand Canyon, but it doesn’t matter where you choose to go as long as it fits the moment or holds a special place in hearts of you and your partner. Think about places that you have visited together in the past and had a great time, maybe even the spot of your first date, the date that started it all!

Don’t pressure yourself into feeling like you need to break the budget and plan a big grand trip. Somewhere close to home can be every bit as special with a little planning.  There are many romantic ways to propose and the best ways always include heartfelt words, a place special to you as a couple, an element of surprise and of course a gorgeous ring!

Even if you’re not proposing, certain special occasions demand extra special treatment and a special location is a great place to start!

Perfect pieces for a special location:

Petite Pave Diamond Triangle Studs

Hide It Inside A Stuffed Animal

One of the cutest ways we can think of to give someone a jewelry gift is to hide it inside a fluffy stuffed animal!

Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to massacre a defenseless teddy bear in order to achieve this crafty technique! A quick search online will reveal lots of options of stuffed animals that have cool secret compartments that will be able to hold the gemstone gift that you have bought for your partner. You can even fill it with confetti to add to the fun and surprise.

At JustDesi we particularly love this idea because it gives two gifts in one. Once the jewelry surprise has been revealed, your loved one will have their item of jewelry AND a soft stuffed animal to enjoy as well.

You can place something like this under the Christmas tree among the other Christmas gifts, and your recipient will be none the wiser until they realize that something more than a teddy bear is going on!

Perfect pieces for hiding inside a stuffed animal:

Diamond Bezel Bar Bracelet
Offset Evil Eye Diamond Ring

Misdirect Them With Strange Wrapping Paper

The way that people wrap jewelry gifts could be described as art all of its own! You can go on YouTube to find plenty of fun tutorials that are filled with wrapping ideas that can take your gift presentation from a 5/10 to a 10/10.

Part of the pleasure of receiving a gift is how beautiful the packaging is, and if you can make the extra effort to wrap your present in a really special and unique way, then it can massively enhance the overall experience.

If you want to be even more creative and sneaky, then you can wrap your gift in an unusual way that makes it seem like it is something other than jewels. You will enjoy the look of surprise when they finally get to the middle of the gift wrapping to find a beautiful new piece for their collection! We’ve even known a diabolical gift giver or two who presented a gift that required a screwdriver and wrench to open!

Perfect pieces for hiding in unique wrapping paper:

Charmed Circle Necklace
>Braided Diamond Bangle

Catch Them Off Guard With A Gift Inside A Gift

Everybody’s favorite childhood party game always passed the parcel, so why not evoke that same kind of fun when you give your loved one their new jewelry gift?

Incorporate more than one piece of jewelry into your package, but make it seem as though there is only one before they keep unwrapping to reveal more and more. This makes for a really memorable opening experience, one that you can take fun photographs of to make a collage as the experience keeps going and going to the surprise of the recipient!

If you want to, you could start with the least expensive piece that you have bought and end up with the final reveal being the most expensive.

Perfect pieces for an off guard surprise:

Huggie Hoops
Petite Baguette Cluster Necklace

Surprise Them With An Early Gift

Everybody is used to getting gifts on the day of their birthday, anniversary or any other special date, but why not mix things up and surprise them by gifting them something a day or two early?

The best part of getting a surprise gift is that you aren’t expecting it at all, and it can enhance the entire experience and extend the period of celebration that they get to enjoy. If you want to separate the celebration that you and your loved one have from the celebrations that they might share with other family and friends to make it more special, then take some time out before the ‘big day’ to have your own mini gift-giving moment is perfect.

This can also be a great idea if the jewelry that you are giving holds a personal or intimate message that is sacred to the two of you, and that you don’t necessarily want to share with everybody else who might be giving gifts at a party over the next day or two.

Perfect pieces for an early gift:

Dangling Pearl And Diamond Necklace
Diamond Starburst Studs

Gift Them More Than One Item From Their Wish List

Do you know what is better than one gift? Two gifts! Or even three!

If you can afford to, show your loved one just how much you care by gifting them a set of pieces of jewelry rather than just a single item. You can buy them pieces that are going to match, or you can buy them pieces that are better to be worn on separate occasions with multiple outfits.

If there is one thing that we know for sure here at JustDesi, it is that you can never, ever have too much jewelry to choose from at the beginning of each and every day!

Perfect pieces for multiple gifts:
Milgrain Stackable Band Ring

We hope you have found this guide full of great jewelry gift ideas and how to present them. The JustDesi experts know that jewelry isn’t just about the piece itself but the entire experience.