Your Guide to Proposing With the Perfect Ring

Your Guide to Proposing With the Perfect Ring


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Find the perfect ring and plan their dream proposal with this comprehensive guide. Our jewelry experts are going over top tips on finding the best engagement ring, including everything you need to know about choosing your center stone, precious metal, ring style, and ring size. They’re also sharing what you should know if you want to sweep your love off their feet with a memorable proposal. 


Center Stone Selection 


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There are two main elements of an engagement ring: the center stone and the setting, which is the metal part of the ring that may also feature accent stones. We recommend choosing your center stone first because it has the biggest impact on the style of your ring. Choosing your center stone first will also narrow down your setting options, making it easier to choose a setting. 


First, think about the type of gemstone you want for your center stone. The most traditional choice is a diamond. If you want a diamond center, consider whether you want a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond. If you’d prefer a colorful gemstone, you have a plethora of gorgeous options to choose from. Our experts recommend considering a ruby or a sapphire, both of which are highly durable and perfect for everyday wear. They also offer a huge amount of style variety, as sapphires come in virtually every color of the rainbow. 


Once you’ve settled on your desired gemstone, choose your center stone shape. Round is the most popular center stone shape, especially for diamonds. Over half of all engagement rings sold today are round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings. Other shape options include the vintage cushion cut, the classic oval, the unique marquise cut, and the modern princess cut. 


As you consider all these options, remember to keep your partner’s style at the forefront of your mind. Are they the traditional type who would want a classic round cut diamond engagement ring? Would they want a unique diamond shape or a vibrant colored gemstone? 


If you’re unsure of your significant other’s style preferences, now’s the time to investigate. Consider the style of their favorite clothing and jewelry pieces, and think about whether they’ve been dropping hints about the type of jewelry they like. If you need help determining their style, you can ask their best friend or their family members for their insight. You can also ask our jewelers for assistance. We are exceptionally skilled at figuring out the type of jewelry someone would like based on their personality and the type of clothes they like to wear. 


Precious Metal Selection 


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Picking your precious metal is one of the easier aspects of engagement ring shopping because there are only four options: yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. 


Most people who wear jewelry have a precious metal preference. If your significant other wears jewelry that’s mostly or entirely the same metal color, choose that metal. If they mostly wear silver-colored jewelry, choose white gold or platinum. If their jewelry is golden in color, choose yellow gold. If they wear pinkish gold or copper-colored jewelry, choose rose gold. 


What if your partner wears multiple precious metals or no jewelry at all? You can choose based on their style. Yellow gold is quite traditional, white gold and platinum are chic and modern, and rose gold is romantic and vintage. If you’re unsure which precious metal would suit their style, turn to their loved ones or our jewelry experts for guidance. 


Ring Style Selection 


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Picking out your ring setting style can be overwhelming due to the sheer volume of options. However, you should be well prepared to find your perfect setting if you follow our guide in order. 


At this point in the shopping process, you’ll already know your desired center stone type, center stone shape, and precious metal. This will naturally narrow down your setting options. You’ll also already have spent a significant amount of time thinking about your partner’s style preferences, which will make finding the right setting much easier. 


To find the perfect ring setting, start by browsing the types of rings your significant other may like based on their style. For example, if they have a minimalist or classic style, start looking at solitaire rings. Or if they love glamour and sparkle, look at pave band and halo engagement ring settings. Once you feel you’re on the right track when it comes to the ring category, you can start narrowing your focus and thinking about the exact ring you’ll choose. 


If you ever find yourself feeling unsure when browsing ring settings, don’t hesitate to seek help from your friends and family, your partner’s friends and family, or one of our jewelers. Receiving guidance or insight can help you get on the right track toward finding your perfect ring. Once you find it, you’ll know it’s the one. 


One last thing to consider about ring setting is that custom design is an option. If you can’t find the exact right fit at a jewelers, you can always have a custom ring made. Custom engagement ring design is easier and more affordable than most people assume. To learn more about how creating a custom piece of jewelry works, visit our custom design page


Figuring Out Your Partner’s Ring Size 


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Before you can order your engagement ring, you’ll need to tell your jeweler the ring size you want. If you don’t know your significant other’s ring size, know that it can take some time to figure this out.  


There’s more than one way to figure out your partner’s ring size. You can take the direct route and ask them for their size. You can also take them to a jewelry store to have them professionally sized. However, if you want your proposal to be a surprise, you’ll have to try less direct methods. You can ask their friends and family if they know your partner’s ring finger size. If your significant other wears rings, you can sneakily swipe one and have a jeweler size the ring. 


If none of these methods work for you, you’ll have to either guess an approximate size or propose with a temporary ring. Most people prefer to have the real ring during their proposal, so it’s more common to guess the ring size rather than order the ring after the proposal. If you end up having to guess their ring size, try to err on the large size so you’ll still be able to slip the ring all the way on their finger during the proposal. 


Keep in mind that while most rings are easy to resize, some engagement ring styles can’t be resized. If your engagement ring has a tension setting or is completely covered in gemstones–including at the base of the ring–you likely cannot resize it. In this case, your best options are to be direct with your partner about needing their ring size or to propose with a temporary ring. 


Planning the Proposal Moment 


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Once you have the perfect ring, it’s time to plan the perfect proposal. Settling on the right proposal idea is extremely personal. You may want to plan a big moment that will sweep them off their feet or go with something intimate and private. You may want to recreate a treasured moment from your relationship or you could decide to create an entirely new experience.


As you plan this special moment, think about the type of experiences your partner likes, then go from there. No one knows your partner or your relationship better than you, so you’re uniquely equipped to create the best proposal plan for you. As long as you remember to focus on what your partner loves, you’re sure to come up with a memorable proposal that will sweep them off their feet.


Remember that an equally important part of planning your proposal is deciding what you’ll say when you get down on one knee. If you’re not sure where to start, reflect on what you love about them, how you felt when you first met, how they changed your life, why they’re the one, how they make you feel, and what you envision for your future together. 


If you tend to get tongue-tied, practice what you’ll say before the proposal to increase your confidence. That way, when the big day rolls around you can be more relaxed and present, allowing you to truly enjoy the moment.


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