The Best Fashion Tips for Styling a Bangle

The Best Fashion Tips for Styling a Bangle

A bangle is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can own, but styling one can be tricky at first. Bangles are inherently bold and rigid in design, so they always make an impact. Styling one in a way you like requires learning how to make that impact work with your style and the proportions of the outfit you’re putting together. 

Once you learn a few bangle styling tips, you’ll be creating looks you love in no time. To help you master the art of bangle styling, here are the best fashion tips for styling a bangle, straight from our expert jewelry stylists. 

Start Simple 

If you’re new to styling bangles, keep things simple at first. Find one bangle that speaks to your personal style, add it to your jewelry collection, and play around with styling it on a daily basis. If you’re not sure what type of bangle you’d like most, opt for a classic style, since that offers maximum versatility. 

Focusing on styling a single bracelet will help you get a feel for the unique proportions and visual weight of bangles, and how that fits in with the rest of your jewelry. Wear your bangle solo with a variety of outfits, then start layering it with other bracelets. 

Keep Comfort In Mind 

Bangles can be more noticeable on the wrist than other bracelets, so you’ll want to keep comfort in mind when styling them. If you’ll be wearing a bangle on just one wrist, you may find it more comfortable to wear it on your non-dominant hand. If you’re right handed, wear your bangle on your left wrist. If you’re left handed, wear your bangle on your right wrist. 

Embrace Variety When Layering 

When styling a stack of bangles, variety is key. Bangles have a distinct shape that ties them together visually. This makes it easy to mix and match bangle styles, and still create cohesive looks. 

As you experiment with bangle bracelet stacking, think of the different design elements of your pieces. Consider the width, material, shape, color, and style of your bangles, and have fun mixing and matching these your heart’s desire. 

When it comes to layering bangles with other types of bracelets, mix up sizes and shapes, but consider whether you want to have other design elements in common. Other bracelet styles don’t share the same rigid shape with bangles, so you may find a mixed stack looks more cohesive if other design details are shared. 

The easiest way to tie a group of varied bracelets together is with color. If you’re styling metal bracelets, choose pieces with the same precious metal. A bangle, a tennis bracelet, and a beaded bracelet can look beautifully cohesive if they’re all crafted from yellow gold. 

Go Minimal For Professional Style 

A single bangle is a chic office accessory, but layering up on bangles can become an issue at work. A stack of bracelets can be loud, which is not ideal for the workplace. To make sure your coworkers aren’t distracted by the volume of your accessories, stick to wearing just one bangle when you head into the office. 

Sparkle on Special Occasions 

Headed to a special event? A formal occasion is the perfect time to go bold with your bangles. A dazzling diamond and gold bangle is a statement piece that can take upscale attire to the next level. To add a bit of edge to an upscale jewelry look, layer up on diamond bangles with on trend design elements like studs and chunky chains. 

Choose Other Accessories Thoughtfully 

A bangle bracelet can make quite a statement–and a bangle stack will be even more bold. When you’re picking out the rest of the accessories for your outfit, keep the visual impact of your bangles in mind. Think about balance when you choose other pieces from your jewelry box. 

Bangles tend to pair well with necklaces, which sit far away from the wrist. Depending on the neckline of your top or dress, a bold pair of earrings can also be a lovely choice. Rings can be trickier to style alongside bangles because they’re so close. Unless you’re going for a maximalist look, you may want to stick with minimal bands or no rings at all when wearing bangles.

Get Creative to Wear Bangles With Small or Large Wrists 

Unlike rings that come in different sizes, bangles are typically made in a standard size of 7 to 7.5 inches. But what do you do if your wrist is too small or large to fit a standard bangle? 

If you have small wrists and bangles tend to be too big for you, you have a few options. You can place a watch or a larger bracelet on the outside of your bangle to keep it safely on your wrist. Another option is to choose an adjustable cuff bracelet, rather than a solid bangle. 

If you have larger wrists or hands, standard bangles can be too tight on the wrist or too small to slip on over the hand. If a standard bangle will fit over your wrist but not your hand, try hinged bangle styles. If standard bangles are too small for your wrists, some adjustable cuff bracelets may still fit. 

In addition to trying these tricks, people with small or large wrists can have a custom bangle made in their exact size. At JustDesi, custom jewelry design is one of our specialties. If you want a one-of-a-kind custom bangle or you’d like us to make one of our bangle designs in a speciality size, fill out our custom design inquiry form

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