Why the Geometric Jewelry Trend Is So Popular

Why the Geometric Jewelry Trend Is So Popular

Geometric jewelry is a staple jewelry style that’s more popular than ever. But why is geometric jewelry suddenly everywhere at the moment? Find out as we go over three reasons for the geometric jewelry trend. 

Geometric Jewelry Aligns With Other Jewelry Trends 

Geometric Jewelry Aligns With Other Jewelry Trends

Arguably the main reason geometric jewelry is trending right now is that it perfectly fits into the overall trend toward maximalism in jewelry. Geometric jewelry features clean lines, but is also inherently eye-catching. Even a single geometric piece can make a bold statement.

Geometric jewelry is also ideal for another overarching jewelry trend: layering. An eye-catching geometric design is the perfect anchor for a layered necklace look, a bracelet stack, or a ring stack. Geometric jewelry provides a focal point that makes layered jewelry appear balanced and thoughtful. 

Geometric Jewelry Blends Minimalism and Maximalism

Geometric Jewelry Blends Minimalism and Maximalism

This year’s fashion trends fall into one of two categories. They’re either unapologetically maximalist or decidedly effortless and classic. While these fashion categories couldn’t be farther apart, geometric jewelry happens to look incredible with both. 

Geometric designs feature sleek lines and bold shapes. This blend of minimalism and maximalism allows geometric jewelry to work beautifully with intricate or simple looks, so it’s the perfect complement to any on trend outfit in 2023.  

Geometric Jewelry Is Timeless 

Geometric Jewelry Is Timeless

The popularity of geometric jewelry may ebb and flow, but it never truly goes out of style. Geometric shapes are timeless design details that have been used in jewelry for thousands of years. In the 1920s, the Art Deco era ushered in a new passion for geometric designs and they’ve been in fashion ever since. 

Because geometric jewelry is always in fashion, people tend to already have some in their jewelry collection. So, whenever geometric jewelry fits in with other fashion trends–as it does right now–it tends to spike up in popularity.

Geometric Jewelry Spotlight 

Geometric Jewelry Spotlight

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Geometric Jewelry at JustDesi 

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Sophisticated, bold, and timeless–there’s so much to love about geometric jewelry. Find your new go-to geometric piece in the JustGeo collection. 

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