Versatile Jewelry Pieces to Wear During Summer

Versatile Jewelry Pieces to Wear During Summer

Summer is a time to shine bright as you soak up the sun or hit the town on a hot summer night. What better way to do that than with mixable, easy-to-wear pieces that help you look effortlessly beautiful all season long? Find your new summer go-to as we share 12 versatile, on trend jewelry styles that will help you sparkle from day to night. 

Evil Eye Jewelry 

Freshen up your summer wardrobe with an eye-catching piece of evil eye jewelry. An evil eye bracelet offers style, protection, and a lively pop of bright color. 

Dainty Necklace 

No summer jewelry collection would be complete without an everyday, go-anywhere necklace. For maximum versatility, opt for a dainty necklace that works with a variety of necklines. We love delicate surfboard pendants everyday summer outfits, as they’re minimal while also adding a subtle nautical element. 

Diamond Huggie Hoops 

Searching for the perfect earrings for daily wear? Go for a pair of pave huggie hoops. Wear them alone for a subtle look or style them with other earrings to create an on trend earring stack. 

Convertible Lariats 

Lariat necklaces are an underrated summer accessory. This adjustable jewelry style can be worn as a classic pendant or a striking drop necklace. Whether you want to keep things classic or stand out with a statement necklace, a lariat is the perfect choice. 

Tennis Bracelets 

Tennis bracelets are a timeless jewelry essential–and one of the biggest jewelry trends of the year. The current trend is to wear tennis bracelets and tennis choker necklaces with every type of outfit, from upscale to ultra casual. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can own. An everyday staple, diamond studs look as good with jeans and a t-shirt as they do with a cocktail dress. 

If you’re planning on picking up a new pair of studs this summer, consider going for a lab-grown diamond set. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with the same beauty and strength as mined diamonds. Yet, they can cost over 50% less, allowing you to shine brighter without breaking the bank. 

Stackable Rings 

Ring layering is a jewelry trend that adds major personality to your style. You can stack simple bands for a minimalist look or take things in a more maximalist direction by mixing and matching rings with glittering stones and bold shapes. 

Cuff Bracelets 

Cuffs and bangle bracelets are having a moment this year, especially on high fashion runways. For a wearable take on the trend, we suggest cuffs that have an airiness to them, like our split link bangle. It has a striking look, yet is comfortable enough for even the hottest summer days. 

Linear Drop Earrings 

Add elegance to your summer attire with a pair of drop earrings. Minimal linear drops are delicate enough to work with a wide range of outfits, yet striking enough to make a statement. 

Chunky Pinky Rings 

A chunky pinky ring is the perfect statement piece for summer. Wear one alone to add style to a simple outfit in an instant or layer up on other rings to embrace this year’s maximalist ring stack trend. 

Oversized Hoop Earrings

Oversized hoops are arguably the biggest jewelry trend of the summer season. Embrace this glamorous style with a pair of oversized diamond hoops that offer size and shimmer. 

Delicate Layering Chains 

Layered necklaces are big at the moment, but we’re starting to see a shift away from the chunky gold chain necklaces that have been so popular in recent years. Chunky chains are fading away to let more delicate styles take center stage. 

For a delicate chain that still offers impact, go for our dangling layering necklace. It’s minimalist enough for daily wear, while also being full of sparkle. 

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