Create Your Perfect Ring Stack: Stackable Bands You’ll Love

Create Your Perfect Ring Stack: Stackable Bands You’ll Love

Ring layering is one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2023, so there’s no better time to experiment with creating ring stacks. Layering rings in a way you love can be daunting at first, but we’re here to make styling your next stack a breeze. Follow these five ring styling tips and find your new favorite stackable band in our featured selection. 

 Understand Visual Links

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Shared design details create a visual link between a pair of rings. These visual links tell the eye the rings “go” together. The more design elements a set of rings share, the more harmonious they look together.

Examples of design elements that can tie jewelry together include:

  • Precious metal color
  • Gemstone color 
  • Gemstone shape
  • Band shape 
  • Design style 

The key to creating a ring stack you love is first understanding these types of visual links, then using them to strike the right balance between harmony and variety. 

The right balance for your ring stack will depend on your personal style and the look you’re going for. If you want a sleek stack that looks ultra cohesive, you’ll want to have more design details in common. If you like a highly eclectic look, experiment with having very few visual links between your rings. 

If you’re new to styling ring stacks and are struggling to create a combination you like, try sticking with rings that share the same precious metal and gemstone color. For example, create a stack with only yellow gold diamond rings. With those strong visual ties in place, you may find you can use many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and still create a look you love. 

Focus On One Finger First

How do you start creating a ring stack from scratch? One strategy is to focus on building a stack on a single finger at first. Choose one statement ring, then create a stack you love around that ring. Once you’ve perfected that stack, move on to adding accent bands on other fingers. 

If you wear a bridal set, your engagement ring can act as your main statement ring. Play around with styling other rings alongside your engagement ring and wedding band until you come up with a winning ring finger combination. 

Balance Focal Points  

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Some say that a ring stack should only have one statement ring. It’s true that having one statement ring can help you easily create a cohesive look by acting as a main focal point. However, wearing multiple bold rings can also look chic depending on how you style them. 

Rather than limiting yourself to just one statement ring, we recommend simply being aware of the balance between your rings. Wearing multiple statement rings can look incredible as long as they complement one another rather than compete with one another. 

Rings that make statements in different ways often look stunning together. For example, a high carat solitaire diamond engagement ring can look gorgeous alongside a sculptural pavé diamond ring. Try pairing different statement rings together and find combinations you love. 

Wear Odd Over Even 

People typically prefer the look of ring stacks that feature an odd number of rings. A group of three rings tends to look better than a pair of rings, and a group of five rings tends to look better than a set of four. 

If you’re wondering why odd numbers of rings are more appealing, it comes down to the rule of three. According to this design principle, items that are arranged in odd numbers are more attractive because they look more organic, effortless, and interesting. 

Of course, you don’t always have to wear an odd number of rings in your ring stack. But if something seems “off” in a stack you’re building, keep the rule of threes in mind. 

Experiment Away

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Layering jewelry is all about being creative and expressing your personal style. So, when you style your next ring stack, focus on having fun and embracing experimentation. Play around with mixing different metals, ring styles, colors, and shapes. Let yourself be open to fresh new pairings and enjoy the styling process to the fullest. 

Stackable Rings You’ll Love 

JustDesi Scattered Bezel Stackable Band in Yellow Gold

With five sparkling round diamonds and uniquely detailed bezel settings, this stackable ring is a stand out staple. 

JustDesi Small Diamond Eternity Band in White Gold

This timeless diamond eternity ring is the perfect accent to any ring stack. 

JustDesi Micro Link Stackable Band in White Gold

Sleek link accents give this white gold band a special touch. 

JustDesi Baguette Stackable Wedding Ring in Rose Gold

Featuring a mixture of round and baguette cut diamonds, this stackable diamond ring packs plenty of visual interest. 

JustDesi Angled Marquise Motif Stackable Band in White Gold

Add a graphic element to your ring stack with our angled marquise diamond ring. 

JustDesi Baguette Cluster Grid Ring in Yellow Gold

Start your stack off strong with this bold grid ring, featuring three layers of intricate diamond accents. 

JustDesi Sta

With over a dozen baguette diamonds and a unique scattered setting, this stackable band strikes just the right balance between glamour and playfulness. 

JustDesi Milgrain Alternating Shapes Stackable Band in White Gold

Add a dash of romance to your ring stack with this vintage-inspired diamond band. 

JustDesi 5 Stone Emerald Cut Stackable Band in Yellow Gold

Classic and bold, this emerald cut diamond band simply shines. 

JustDesi Two Row Baguette Ring in White Gold

Step cut and brilliant cut diamonds create intricate sparkle in this two row diamond ring. 

Create Your Perfect Ring Stack

JustDesi Marquise Diamond Stackable Band in White Gold

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