What Is the Paper Clip Jewelry Trend?

What Is the Paper Clip Jewelry Trend?

Paper clip motifs in jewelry aren’t new, but the current paper clip jewelry trend is uniquely modern. Discover what defines one of the biggest jewelry trends of the year as we go over everything you need to know about paper clip jewelry. 

What Is Paper Clip Jewelry?  

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Contrary to its name, paper clip jewelry doesn’t necessarily feature charms or links in the exact shape of paper clips. When people talk about the current paper clip jewelry trend, they’re typically referring to jewelry made with a specific contemporary chain style: the paper clip chain. 

A variation on the classic cable chain, the paper clip chain features elongated oval links that look similar to paper clips. These long links have a good amount of give, allowing paper clip jewelry to drape beautifully and bend well with the body. Paper clip chains have a modern look, while also having a lightweight feel.

Origins of the Paper Clip Jewelry Trend 

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Wearing paper clips dates back to at least World War II, when Norwegians donned them as a symbol of unity. By the mid-20th century, paper clip motifs could also be found in fine and fashion jewelry. Coco Chanel famously used paper-clip-shaped accents in a necklace she designed for her eponymous fashion house. Legend has it that Jackie Kennedy was the first to ever wear Chanel’s iconic paperclip necklace. 

While paper clip motifs have been popular among fine jewelers for decades, the elongated paper clip links used today only rose to prominence within the last few years. This variation on the cable chain has become so popular that it’s now a staple chain style for both men and women. The paperclip chain link has a wide appeal because it offers a bold look without the same visual weight as chunky links like cuban links.  

How to Style Paper Clip Jewelry 

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Paper clip jewelry is chic when worn alone, but it truly shines in layered looks. Paper clip chains are at once bold and airy. This allows them to perfectly tie together delicate jewelry and bolder styles. Dainty yet eye-catching, paper clip jewelry is an asset to any necklace, bracelet, or ring stack. 

Paper Clip Jewelry Spotlight

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Whether you wear them as huggies or drops, these convertible hoop earrings are sure to stun. 

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Looking for a paper clip piece you can wear everyday? Add this diamond pendant to your jewelry collection.

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Mix up your look with this white gold paperclip chain necklace, featuring a dazzling pear shaped diamond drop charm. 

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Sleek and striking, this paperclip chain bracelet is a stand out addition to a bracelet stack. 

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Turn heads with this bestselling statement ring, featuring a flexible chain link band and dozens of diamond accents. 

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Offering sleek paper clip links and plenty of shimmer, this paper clip ID bracelet will become your new go-to accessory. 

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