The Meaning of Cross Pendants

The Meaning of Cross Pendants

Cross necklaces are worn by Christians and non-Christians alike, but their meaning can be different depending on the wearer. Discover the various meanings of cross pendants as we go over the history of this symbol and what it means when you wear a cross necklace today. 

Meaning of the Cross Symbol 

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The cross is a Christian symbol that is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross most often worn today is the Latin cross, which has unequal arms and resembles a crucifix. The Greek cross design, which has equal arms, is also popularly used. 

The Christian cross is a symbol of faith and connection with God, as well as of hope and redemption. While it was once a symbol of suffering due to its connection to crucifixion, the cross became a symbol of life and love after it became associated with the story of Jesus Christ. 

History of Cross Jewelry 

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Wearing a cross wasn’t common until the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. For the first four centuries of Christianity, Christians were heavily persecuted. But once Christianity became the official religion of Rome, people could safely express their faith without fear of persecution. 

The first cross necklaces featured simple cross pendants made of wood. Over time, artisans started making cross pendants of more durable materials, like metal. Today, cross pendants are typically made of precious metals and often feature decorative gemstone accents. 

Meaning of Wearing Cross Pendants

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Cross pendants are most commonly seen as a symbol of Christian faith, but there are also non-religious meanings associated with cross pendants. Additionally, because symbolism and religion are both immensely complex, cross jewelry can have a variety of different meanings depending on the unique person who is wearing it. 

For Christians, a cross necklace can act as a reminder of God’s sacrifice or as a way of feeling more connected to one’s Christian faith. It could also be a way of opening up conversations with the people around you. When given as a gift, a cross could act as a reminder of an event, such as a first communion. Further still, it could have a personal religious reason that only the wearer could know. 

For non-Christians, wearing a cross pendant can have a huge range of meanings. For some, a cross is more of a fashion statement than a religious symbol. Others could have unique personal reasons for wearing a cross or may be drawn to the meaning of the cross without being practicing Christians. The cross is a symbol of redemption, hope, love, and rebirth, which are all things many people may identify with or feel drawn to. 

Can Anyone Wear a Cross Necklace?  

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While a cross is primarily considered a religious symbol, you do not have to be Christian to wear cross necklaces. Anyone can wear a cross necklace if they want to. 

Jewelry is a deeply personal form of self expression. For some people, a cross pendant necklace is a symbol of personal faith. For other people, it’s a stylish fashion accessory or a symbol with a non-religious meaning. Whether you want to wear a cross necklace for religious or personal reasons, you should feel free to express yourself. 

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